Transformational Leadership – exercising positive influence to change your people and business

Overview: Building transformational leaders at all levels who can work effectively and accomplish your mission in multicultural, multinational, multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional environments.


Individual leadership development
A Leadership Development Program (LDP) is an individual and organizational investment strategy designed to build results oriented, agile leaders with broad perspectives who lead people and lead change successfully in complex environments. We focus on transformational leadership. Transformational leaders are those people who will continuously improve your organization by exercising idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration among multi-sector groups and in multi-jurisdictional environments. They will role model the behaviors sought of each member of your team and demonstrate through action the ability to lead change, lead people, drive results, exercise business acumen, and build coalitions with an enterprise-wide perspective.

Our intent is to develop leadership competencies—knowledge, skills and abilities—of the participants in the realm of leading self and teams. We accomplish this through the use of a theory-application-implication model of learning, which provides articipants with experiences that increase self-awareness and understanding of individual strengths, leadership potential, and team building.

We can custom build a LDP based on client requirements or employ a four module curriculum designed to provide participants the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively lead in today’s complex and interconnected environment. The four modules are aligned through a course schedule in a manner that links organizational mission, vision and values to individual leadership, self-assessment, teamwork, organizational culture, and strategic change.

LDP Modules

  • Leadership Analytics: Provides Participants with the foundations of leadership knowledge including the four main theoretical categories of trait, behavioral, contingency/situational, and power/influence approaches as well as transformational leadership theory. Participants engage in self-assessments and identify their leadership style, develop individual leadership development program and leadership philosophy.
  • High Performance Teams: Focus on psychosocial dynamics of group development including Tuckmen and Jenson’s five stages of group development. The Participants will also learn leader strategies for crisis situations in multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, or multi-national environments.
  • Advanced Organizational Behavior: With an emphasis of understanding organizational culture and how leaders influence culture, Participants will decipher the Schein’s three layers of culture and create congruency to directly and indirectly influence their organization.
  • Integrated Strategic Change: Involves applying a continuous improvement and learning organization perspective strategically in an organization to ensure a competitive advantage in changing environments. Participants will apply strategic planning processes to day-to-day operations.

Team Leadership solutions

Rarely are people operating in a vacuum in today’s interconnected world. In most cases leading teams is an important part of a successful professional career. We have extensive experience developing teams who will work in crisis environments with diverse participants. Subsequently we focus on leadership skills, psychosocial team dynamics, diversity, structure and networks for integration and performance. We employ a combination of education, training and situational exercises to build individual and collective skills for teams to exceed expectations.

Leadership speaking

Professional development programs and new initiatives often benefit from the inclusion of new methods, inspirational stories, and practitioner experiences. We provide highly qualified speakers who can help educate, inspire and move people to action. We have a network of military, law enforcement and industry leaders, authors and educators for a broad variety of topics and organizational interests. Our speakers can provide that push you need to move your team ahead or into a new direction.